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Boilerplates are a magic trick so you can gain momentum. Shipixen is no exception. Once you have something deployed to product, you will keep working on it and improving it.

Not only that, but you'll start sharing it around & manage to validate your idea. If it's bad, congratulations! You've just saved tens or hundreds of hours of work in the wrong direction. Now you can pivot or move on to the next idea. With Shipixen that only takes a few minutes.

But if it's good, you'll want to keep working on it. You have a solid foundation and momentum - and this is why boilerplates are worth their weight in gold.

They are a way to "hack your brain" and get off the couch.

As your project grows, you'll need more tools to get it in the hands of people, make sure it performs well and keep it in check. Here are some of the tools you can use to do that.

Hunted.space - launch your project on Product Hunt

Hunted.Space is a great place to learn about Product Hunt launches and get inspiration for your own launch. You can dive deep into statistics and see how many votes a launch got, how many comments and how difficult it is to get to the top of the leaderboard in a given day, week or month.

A good way to get eyeballs on your product is to launch it on Product Hunt. Using Hunted.Space before the launch and on launch day will give you an edge over the competition.

Get insights on Product Hunt launches with

Get ready for your Product Hunt launch with Hunted.Space

Clobbr - the simplest way to do API load testing

Clobbr is an easy to use API testing tool that helps you perform load tests on your API endpoints. Use it to see how your API performs under load - in sequence or parallel.

Quickly detect API performance issues and bottlenecks without spending a fortune on enterprise tools.

As your API grows, you'll want to make sure it performs well under load.

Keep your API endpoint performance in check with

Keep your API endpoint performance in check with Clobbr

Crontap - schedule your tasks or API calls with ease

When your product grows, the number of integrations and period, time consuming tasks will grow with it. Sometimes it's just scheduling regular maintenance of your database, sometimes it's syncing data with a 3rd party API.

Or perhaps it's as simple as doing a weekly report or performing periodic health checks. Crontap can do all of that and even let you know when something goes wrong: it can integrate with Zapier, Make or IFTTT to send you messages on Slack, Discord, Telegram or even SMS.

Schedule your tasks or API calls with ease with

Schedule your tasks or API calls with ease with Crontap