Easily generate beautifully designed landing pages, blogs and more.

With most other boilerplates what you get is a whole lot to configure.
We do most of that for you, but give you the flexibility to customize it to your needs in our easy to use app.

So you focus on what's important.

You won't find anything like this.

We looked far & wide. Nothing comes close.

Shipixen sets up everything you need to start working on your blog, website or product.
Say goodbye to the days of spending countless hours setting everything up.

Automatic deployment to Vercel

Deploying your template to Vercel? Just click a button – no configuration needed.

SEO optimized

Shipixen is search engine optimized, supporting the latest SEO features and offering blazing speed.

MDX blog, no server required

Shipixen comes with a fully featured MDX blog. It is easy to customize and extend and does not require a server.

UI library included

Shipixen includes a comprehensive UI library, Shadcn UI, pre-configured to align with your brand colors.


Shipixen automatically creates a sitemap.xml, simplifying search engine crawling and indexing of your pages.

Dark mode

Shipixen supports dark mode, with automatic detection and easy toggling.


Easily search blog articles without a server or third-party service - it's fast and works out of the box.

Pricing page

Shipixen comes with a fully featured pricing page. There are different layouts and monthly/yearly pricing options.

Terms & Privacy pages

Shipixen automatically generates Terms & Privacy pages for you, including relevant company information.

RSS feed

Shipixen creates an RSS feed for your blog, making it simple for readers to subscribe and stay updated.

Typescript, Tailwind CSS & App router

Shipixen is built for the modern web. It uses Typescript, Tailwind CSS and Next.js' built-in app router.

...and much more!

Shipixen includes eveything you spend time building. Favicon, og:image, 404 page, fabulous footer, configurable navigation and so much more. It's of course optimized for mobile too!

Sounds Good?

We think you'll love it.
If you're anything like us, the notion of saving time and skyrocketing productivity is downright exciting.

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We can't wait to show you more.

The roadmap ahead packs so many exciting updates: new beautifully designed components, new layouts, new themes, and even a CMS for authoring blog posts.
Stay tuned.

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