Easily generate beautifully designed landing pages, blogs and more.

With most other boilerplates what you get is a whole lot to configure.
We do most of that for you, but give you the flexibility to customize it to your needs in our easy to use app.

So you focus on what's important, not on configuration.

Customize your landing page

Get started with a beautiful landing page & set your title, CTAs and sections. Choose whether you want to show blog posts on the homepage or generate content sections.

Generate sections & content with AI

Save time by generating features, sales copy, FAQs and even example testimonials with AI. All beautifully designed, using components from our UI library.

Add your branding & theme

Choose from more than 63+ themes or create your own. Upload your logo, set the size and we take care of the rest.

63+ themes

Choose from more than 63+ themes or create your own. We make sure it's applied to all components, TailwindCSS config and CSS variables.

Deploy to Vercel with 1 click

Each website you generate can be deployed to Vercel with one click.
No configuration needed. We take care of everything for you, just press a button.

Get a powerful blog that's cheap to run

Shipixen comes with a fully featured MDX blog.
It is easy to customize and extend and does not require a server. It's blazing fast and cheap to run.

SEO optimized

Skip days of configuring metadata, sitemaps, meta or open graph tags. Shipixen is search engine optimized & it comes with everything you need to get started.

Blazing fast

Everything is server side rendered and using the latest Next.js features: from landing page to code blocks in blog posts. It's fast and it's beautiful.

Customize pages

Select which pages you want to include in your site. You're only a toggle away from having a fully featured blog, pricing page, and more.

Customize Navigation

Choose which links you want to have in your main navigation and footer. Split footer links in up to 4 columns and make it shine. Don't worry, these are easy to change later!

Include terms & privacy pages

We automatically generates Terms & Privacy pages to get you started, including relevant company information. Also just one toggle away.


Shipixen comes with SEO best practices built in. We make sure your site is fast, optimized and ready to rank.

Build your pricing page

Use our pricing page builder to create a beautiful pricing page. Choose from different layouts and monthly/yearly pricing options. It's as easy as it looks.

It really takes 5 minutes.

It's like magic.
You won't believe it until you try it.

Components for every occasion

Shipixen comes with a comprehensive UI library, Shadcn UI, landing page components, blog components as well as a bundled icon library. It's easy to customize and extend and well documented.

UI library bundled & ready to use

Shipixen includes a comprehensive UI library, Shadcn UI, pre-configured to align with your brand colors. It's easy to customize and extend.

Beautiful, reusable landing page components

Extending your landing page is easy. We provide you with a set of beautiful, reusable components that you can use to build your landing page.

Icon library

Shipixen comes bundled with a comprehensive icon library, Lucide Icons. It's easy to use & customize and contains more than 1,300 icons.

Search, Tags, Authors, Blog Layouts & more

You'll find everything you need to get started with your blog. From search to tags, syntax highlighting and multiple blog layouts, as well as pagination & multiple authors.
It's all there.

Search blog posts

Easily search blog articles without a server or third-party service - it's fast and works out of the box.

Tags & filtering for blog posts

Easily organize your blog posts with tags - Shipixen support them out of the box, as well as filtering articles by tags.

Multiple blog layouts

By default Shipixen comes with 3 beautiful blog layouts. Choose between a classic blog page, a minimalistic layout or a banner layout when you write a blog post.

Multiple authors

Easily add multiple authors to your blog posts. Shipixen supports multiple authors out of the box.

Syntax highlighting

Add beautiful code blocks to your blog posts with syntax highlighting. Shipixen supports popular languages out of the box, ability to highlight additions/deletions and it's all server side rendered!

Dark mode

Landing page, blog, pricing page - everything supports dark mode. It's easy to toggle and works out of the box, respecting your system preferences.

Optimized & ready to go.
Deploy or run locally.

Shipixen & its components look & work great on mobile and all screen sizes from small to huge. It's flexible and easy to customize. You can even download a zip file and run it locally - you own the code.

Optimized for mobile

We've put 100s of hours into making sure your website looks great on mobile. From the landing page to the blog, it's easy to use, speedy and beautiful.

Download zip and run locally

If you prefer to run Shipixen locally to test things out before deploying, you can download a zip file and have full control.

Comprehensive documentation & support

You'll be in good company with our docs. From tutorials on writing blog posts to component usage with example - we got you covered!

Import your blog content

Shipixen can import blog posts from other platforms. We support Ghost migrations out of the box and a custom format for importing blog posts from elsewhere, such as Wordpress.

And much more.
You won't find anything like this.

We looked far & wide. Nothing comes close.
Shipixen sets up everything you need to start working on your blog, website or product.

Say goodbye to the days of spending countless hours setting everything up.

Automatic Favicon

We generate the favicon for you automatically from your logo. Or upload a different image - we'll make that happen too!

Automatic, Dynamic Social Image

We generate an open graph image so when you share your website on social media you get your logo, brand, description & theme.

Easy social links

Add social links for 𝕏/Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Github, Linkedin, Youtube, Facebook, Threads, Mastodon etc. or Email.

Smart support button

Add a smart support button that sends you an email with the message and basic system information.

RSS feed

Shipixen creates an RSS feed for your blog, making it simple for readers to subscribe and stay updated.

Next.js 14

Built with the latest Next.js version, so you can take advantage of all the new features.


Using strict TypeScript, so you can be more confident in the code you write.

Themed Tailwind CSS

Flexible and easy to customize with Tailwind CSS, so you can make it your own.

App router

Using Next.js' App router, so you can easily add new pages and API routes.

Custom common pages

Includes common pages like 404 and allows easily customization through code.

Custom blog layouts

Create custom blog layouts to turn your blog into a docs hub, a podcast, newsletter or anything in between.

Custom blog components

Create custom blog components to unleash the full power of MDX. Add a form inline, video or embed social media posts.

Add blog articles to landing page

With the press of a toggle, get a list of the most recent blog articles on the homepage.

...and that's not all!

Shipixen includes everything you spend time building. From linting to commit checks to prettyfying code ― it's all there and ready to go. You've just saved yourself weeks of boring work that doesn't add value to your product. Now you can focus on what matters.

See how easy is to go
from nothing to deployed website.

Without even touching code, get a website up and running in minutes.

Sounds Good?

We think you'll love it.
If you're anything like us, the notion of saving time and skyrocketing productivity is downright exciting.