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Release Notes


  • improved Rating component: allow half stars
  • improve Sale CTA (LandingSaleCta) component: allow custom CTAs and secondary buttons
  • minor improvements to landing page components
  • introducing: templates, bricks and thief mode. Templates are pre-configured landing page component combinations. Now available:


  • Fix an issue with meta description not being set correctly when using the genMetadata util
  • Fix an issue that prevented the license from being read correctly on MacOS


See the new landing page component examples in this new megademo & example page.


  • fix an issue with incorrect RSS feed URLs
  • order RSS feed items by date
  • fix an issue with navigation links not having the correct hover style


  • fix an issue where pricing pages were still created even if the user did not check the pricing page switch


  • drastically increase startup performance
  • improve carousel component to work better on smaller screens
  • update Next.js to version 14.1.0
  • fix an issue with footer "dot items" breaking strangely on smaller screens


  • reduce background animation timing from 30s to 5s
  • fix minor Safari issues with landing page components


  • improve preview display & UX


  • see a live preview before generating the boilerplate even without a license
  • added inline suggestions for better copywriting
  • improvements to the preview UI
  • prepare the app for upcoming new features: persistance & project management



  • update not found page
  • update dependencies
  • fix an issue with a box shadow on the search input
  • change unnecessary label to p in pricing page
  • add link to all tags in primary blog layout
  • add page with overview of all tags
  • fix issue with webp logos breaking /api/og
  • fix an issue with pressing backspace while changing custom colors in the app


  • fix background issue with pricing featured + highlighted plans on light mode


  • update links after deploying a generated site



  • better support for light mode in the pricing configurator
  • use dark mode by default in the app


  • when previewing settings in the Shipixen app, it is possible to toggle between light and dark mode
  • fix an issue where draft posts were added to the sitemap
  • add missing aria-label to footer social icon links
  • minor stability improvements for Ghost blog import
  • minor fixes with CTA spacing on mobile


  • 3 new themes are now available 🎉
  • fixes an issue where the dev server did not run from VSCode due to missing $PWD
  • improve readability of CTA on larger screens


  • 14 new themes are now available 🎉
  • fix an issue where theme configuration was not shown correctly upon closing and reopening the theme panel


  • allow importing ghost blog posts
  • allow importing blog posts from a custom JSON format
  • fix ActiveLink import issue; it would use next/link which did not support external link navigation
  • allow generating a boilerplate without a blog
  • change layout so the footer always goes to the bottom of the page regardless of the content height


  • minor stability improvements


  • new update mechanism ensures more reliable updates
  • fix an issue where the app was prevented from updating on macOS


  • fix theme toggle issue if clicked multiple times (would show both icons)
  • fix build issues related to contentlayer success on windows
  • fix frontmatter warnings in some text editors
  • it's now easier to get help, give feedback or see the license status from the app


  • improved generated sample page layout
  • add background option to all landing page components
  • add testimonial grid component
  • rework generated og image
  • fix background overlay contrast on iOS Safari
  • add text selection colors that match the theme
  • 🎉 Shipixen is now available on Windows


  • add additional social links:
    • instagram
    • tiktok
    • threads
  • fix keyboard navigation issues in the configuration page
    • improve accessibility of file inputs
  • fix demo components overflow on smaller screens


  • allow selecting a different logo for dark mode
  • allow resizing logo
  • fix an issue with deleting price segments where only the last segment was deleted


  • minor bugfixes and stability improvements


  • configure pricing page down to the last detail


  • generate sample section with or without AI


  • under-the hood improvements
  • license is now mandatory for generating the boilerplate
  • stability fixes


  • the generated boilerplate now used Next.js 14
  • it is now possible to download the boilerplate as a .zip file
  • UX improvements in generation flow


  • boilerplate generation is now 18x faster without AI and 3x faster with AI features
  • re-added the option to generate sample component library
  • UI/UX improvements


  • stability improvements
  • temporary disabled the option to generate the sample component library


  • fix documentation link
  • fix icon size on macOS


  • allow setting blog posts as a homepage sections
  • allow generating homepage sections with AI (using the OpenAI API)
  • allow adding sample component library to the homepage
  • stability fixes and UX improvements to the app

v1.0.0 - v.1.0.11

  • beta testing and bug fixes


  • beta release