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Shipixen is now available on Windows!

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The Shipixen app is now available for download on Windows! 🎉
The Windows version has feature parity with the macOS version, and it is available for download on the Microsoft Store.

What's inside

The Windows version is the same app you know and love.

With it's beautiful and intuitive user interface, it can generate a branded, ready-to-use boilerplate for your next project, blog or landing page.

Shipixen on the Microsoft Store

It comes with the same goodies: SEO optimized, responsive, dark mode - with a beautiful markdown (MDX) blog, UI library and customizable pages.

After you generate a boilerplate, you can either download the boilerplate as a zip file, or deploy it to vercel with one click.

Shipixen on the Microsoft Store

We hope you enjoy using Shipixen on Windows and look forward to hearing your feedback!