Time to ghost that subscription.

Migrate your Ghost blog to a Next.js Markdown blog that you can host statically, for free on Vercel or other compatible hosting providers.

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From Ghost to Vercel as a host ―
minus the cost

Some blogs are meant to be static. With Shipixen you can migrate your Ghost blog to a Next.js Markdown site and host it for free.

Ghost blog

Beautiful blog that you own, like you used to

When Ghost first launched, you use to be able to change everything.
We're giving you that power back.

Ghost blog

We won't forget your code blocks, either

We make sure your code blocks are also migrated, look great and are server-side rendered.
Shipixen supports popular languages out of the box.

Ghost blog

More things to love.

Automatic deployment to Vercel

Deploying your template to Vercel? Just click a button – no configuration needed.

SEO optimized

Shipixen is search engine optimized, supporting the latest SEO features and offering blazing speed.


Shipixen automatically creates a sitemap.xml, simplifying search engine crawling and indexing of your pages.


Easily search blog articles without a server or third-party service - it's fast and works out of the box.

RSS feed

Shipixen creates an RSS feed for your blog, making it simple for readers to subscribe and stay updated.


Easily organize your blog posts with tags - Shipixen support them out of the box.

Multiple Layouts

Some posts need a different layout than others. Shipixen supports multiple layouts out of the box and comes with 3 pre-built ones.

Custom Layouts

Want to create your own layout? No problem, Shipixen supports custom layouts too. So you can create anything from a gallery to a documentation hub.

Multiple Authors

When one author won't cut it, you can easily add more authors and attach them to your posts.

...and much more!

Shipixen includes eveything you spend time building. Favicon, og:image, 404 page, fabulous footer, configurable navigation and so much more. It's of course optimized for mobile too!

Sounds Good?

We think you'll love it.
Looking for a demo? See a migrated blog in action 🚀