Using the Shipixen Vercel Integration

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To use the Shipixen Vercel Integration, you need to download the Shipixen app and have a Vercel account.

In the Shipixen app, configure your website and press "Generate template".

After generation succeeds, you will see a "Deploy to Vercel" button. Press it to deploy your website to Vercel.

Shipixen Vercel Integration - deploy to vercel example

As part of this process, a temporary public Github repository will be created. Vercel can only deploy from a public repository at the moment, so the only alternative to this is to download the zip and deploy yourself.

The repository lives for 2-3 minutes (while you deploy for the first time) and then is deleted.

Other options

You can also download a zip file of your project and deploy it to Vercel manually.

See other deployment options for more information.