Work on your idea,
not on the boilerplate.

Go from nothing → deployed Next.js codebase in minutes.
Complete with your own branding, theme, SEO-optimized blog and selected pages.

Generate unlimited boilerplates & get updates. You own the code, no attribution or lock-in.

You'll get the code and an SEO-optimized website, freeing you to focus on building rather than on setting up. See full demo.

20-100hSaved on development with Shipixen.

Create thousands of different starters

Shipixen is not only 1 starter; it's thousands of starters. All beautiful, with the best practices, great performance, and SEO-optimized.

Get an overview of what's inside.

Leverage decades of web development experience to get a head start on your next project.

SEO-optimized blog with mdx

Screenshot of Next.js blog with mdx
Screenshot of Next.js blog in dark mode

Dark mode



Vercel artistic logo

1-click deploy

Vercel logo

Open graph

Zip download

AI content generation

Customize logo, theme, branding & favicon

Screenshot of Shipixen configuring color theme

Page generation

Screenshot of Shipixen configuring which pages to generate in the boilerplate

Pre-built themes

Screenshot of Shipixen app with pre-built themes, artistic

App router

Next.js logo

Next.js 14

Next.js app router diagram

Terms & privacy

Social icons

Custom navigation

Screenshot of Shipixen UI library via Shadcn UI

UI library

Customizable pricing pages

Screenshot of Shipixen price configuration

Beautiful Landing Page Components

Screenshot of Shipixen landing page components

Sitemap & RSS feed



And hundreds more features. We did the hard work so you don't have to.

See how it works

Spend time on what matters.

There's nothing out there like Shipixen.
Skip all the config & design work and get straight to building.

Don't take it from us

Shipixen has been used by hundreds of people to create their own websites.shipixen | Product Huntshipixen | Product Hunt

“I have pre-ordered Shipixen and it such a great concept to generate a boilerplate. Instead of simply clone a repo, you pre-customize its content and it is already tailored to you. In addition to that, Dan’s design is great and I and can only expect great things for the next updates.”

João Aguiam

Your landing page. Your blog. Your code. No lock-in.

Shipixen is more than just a standard boilerplate; it's a tool for creating customized boilerplates for your product or any website.
We generate & deploy - you get the code.

Product image

Unlimited sitesGenerate unlimited websites with Shipixen. No hidden costs. No subscriptions.

Starting at $87

Sounds Good?

We think you'll love it.
If you're anything like us, the notion of saving time and skyrocketing productivity is downright exciting.

Generate unlimited boilerplates & get updates. You own the code, no attribution or lock-in.


Ship your product today with Shipixen.
Deploy in minutes, then own the code and take full control.

3-Month License

Generate unlimited custom boilerplates for 3 months. All generated code is yours forever.


1-Year License
🎁 25% off

Generate unlimited custom boilerplates for an entire year. All generated code is yours forever.


All licenses include

  • Friendly email support
  • Community access via discord
  • App to generate codebases
  • Deploy to Vercel with 1 click
  • Customize with 39+ themes
  • Blog with MDX & SEO
  • Search, tags, pagination
  • AI content generation
  • Themed landing page components
  • Icon library
  • Next.js 14 & Typescript
  • TailwindCSS & Shadcn UI library
  • Pricing, Terms & Privacy pages
  • Automatic favicon, metas, sitemap
  • Responsive & mobile optimized
See all features

All valid licenses get updates to both the boilerplate and app, free of charge.

Shipixen was last released on 16 Feb 2024, with release version 1.6.2. Release notes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking to learn more about Shipixen? Here are some of the most common questions we get asked.
If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us!

  • What is Shipixen exactly?

    Shipixen is an app that generates boilerplate code with your branding, pages and much more.
    You get a git repository and/or a zip file with the code. You can then modify the code as you want and deploy it to any host that supports Next.js.

  • How does the license work?

    If you have a license, you can generate as many websites as you want.
    You then own the code, the license only applies to the app.
    You can use the generated code for commercial purposes.

  • How many websites can I generate?

    With a valid license, you can generate as many websites as you want.
    Any website you generate is yours to keep forever (you get a zip & git repository).

  • Where can I deploy the generated code?

    We make a deployment to Vercel for you as part of the generation process. However, since you own the code, so you can deploy it on any host that supports Next.js. If you have a license, you can generate as many websites as you want.

  • How does the blog work?

    The blog is built with Next.js & MDX. You can write your posts in Markdown & they will be rendered as HTML. It's SEO-optimized & supports search, tags, code blocks, multiple authors, multiple layouts and much more.
    Read more about it in the docs.

  • Who can use Shipixen? Is it no-code?

    While you don't need any prior knowledge to generate & deploy a site, you'll need to be comfortable making code changes to e.g. write blog posts. Further changes would require beginner experience with web development & React. Shipixen only helps with the initial code generation, but you'll have to change the code afterwards.

  • Can I use Shipixen for payments, Stripe etc.

    The generated output doesn't currently include any payment integration; it'll only create a landing page, blog, pricing page & other pages you have selected. You'll have to add the integration yourself. We're always improving Shipixen, so that might change in the future. In the meantime, you might want to check out ShipFast.

  • Can I use Shipixen to learn web development?

    Yes, if you have some prior web development/front-end experience, Shipixen could be a great way to level up your skills. You can use the generated code as a starting point and modify it as you want.

  • Will the generated code be human readable

    Yes, although some of the generation is done with AI, the code is perfectly readable and uses components that are easy to understand. Check out the component documentation to see examples.

  • What platforms will Shipixen work in?

    The Shipixen app currently works on macOS and Windows only.

  • What's the tech stack in the boilerplate

    The boilerplate is built with React, Next.js 14 with App Router, Tailwind CSS, TypeScript & MDX powered by Contentlayer. The UI library is made with Shadcn UI and icons are from Lucide.

  • Is Shipixen using TypeScript?

    Yes, Shipixen is built with TypeScript.